About Blossom & Badger

Vikki and her children

Christina Savage Photography


I’m Vikki, a Mum of two young boys. As my children grew, I gave most of their clothes away to friends, family or charity, but there were some clothes that were just too special, and so full of memories, that I couldn’t bear to give them away. Things like the sleepsuits my boys came home from hospital in, or their first Christmas outfits. Rather than store them in boxes, I wanted to find a way to keep those memories alive…and Blossom & Badger was born!

My love for sewing started when I was a teenager when my Mum taught me to sew and I’ve been sewing for years.  I carefully make all the memory keepsakes with my sewing machine and finish off the details by hand. I understand how important the clothes I’m using are, and I look after them as if they were my own precious garments.

If you live locally (South Northamptonshire) I’d be happy to arrange an appointment for us to discuss how I could use your clothes – please just contact me!