How to make toilet roll Halloween eyes
In a house of boys it seems we get through an awful lot of loo rolls! To be honest it often looks like the Andrex puppy has paid our house a visit.  So here’s how I used some of them to make some halloween eyes.  First I drew some eye shapes on the side of the toilet rolls, then used my scissors to cut out the eye shapes into the side of the roll.  I tried a few different shapes to see how they’d turn out.
3-IMG_2833 4-IMG_2831 5-IMG_2829
  Next I sellotaped an “end” made from kitchen roll, onto one end of the roll. I had some battery tea lights left over from a party and an unused glow stick (which I found in the boys’ stash-collected-from-party-bags-drawer.  I think every child must have a drawer overflowing with “treasure”?). I put these inside the toilet rolls and then sealed up the other end with more paper, so that the light didn’t leak out of the sides. And here was the result.  I think I’m going to line our footpath with them on Halloween.
How to make wellie-planters
I regularly recycle children’s clothes into memory keepsakes, but I’ve been having a think about what I could make from a couple of pairs of wellies that my children have grown out of.  The wellies now seem so small, that I’ve started to feel quite sentimental about them.  You can tell that they were well used:  after they’d been used for puddle-sploshing and my sons had kicked gravel, sticks, & anything-else-at-ground-level in them, the wellies looked quite downtrodden and one of them had a couple of splits.

So I gave them a good wash, removed the insoles, and put in several drainage holes in the sole of each wellie (I’m pretty sure I didn’t use the safest method of piercing the wellies, I guess you could use a skewer, or a drill?).

Then I added a layer of small stones, and bits of broken pots, into each boot to act as drainage. Next I put added some potting compost into each boot, filling it until it was about 2/3rds full. And then repeated with the other wellies.  Then the plants: I chose a mixture of trailing plants and upright ones.  I’d thought about planting some scented flowers in the boots, so I could joke that the wellies smelt nicer as planters than they ever did in their first life, but I couldn’t find anything suitable.

I then filled up the gaps around the plants with more soil and pressed the plants down.  And after a good water, this was the result…

Ta dah!  I’m really pleased with how they turned out. These wellie planters are now displayed proudly outside and make me smile every time I walk past!



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    These welly planters are just adorable and a lovely way to save the memories of the outings those boots have been on. Your instructions are so simple to follow I will have to try. Now I know what to do with all the wellies in my borrow room that have mysteriously lost their partners or sprung a leak! I think they would look super cute in the fairy Garden here. Thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure.

    • Reply
      Blossom & Badger July 11, 2015

      thanks Fiona – I love all the ideas on #Trash2Treasure, they’ll look great in the Coombe Mill Fairy garden

  2. Reply
    Leandra July 11, 2015

    Such a lovely idea, I think I might do this with my son over the summer. #trash2treasure

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      Blossom & Badger July 11, 2015

      Thanks Leandra – I’d love to see your pics!

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    I had already fallen in love with the welly planters, now I have a new toilet roll idea too. I hope you do use them for Halloween, they would look amazing lighting up a path. thank you for sharing on #Trash2Treasure.

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